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We understand that customers have their own individual requirements and that a single products based supplier cannot fulfill all of their diverse needs. This is where MMAL meets your requirements. We are committed to meeting all thE needs of all our customers in the most cost-effective and quality efficient way. As a leading independent supplier, we are free to choose best prices.’ without compromising our belief in quality and customer service.

We offer extensive consultancy services, for which here is no charge, to advice on every and any aspect of your office environment. We are experienced in meeting a wide range of objectives from providing the hardware and software, back-up service and support, training on hardware/software management, and many more pre & post sales services.

In this fast changing technological world – We at MMAL deliver the latest solutions with a first class service. You can be assured your business will see the benefits Prepare and Prevent instead of Repair and Repent


  • Moto Moto Africa Ltd was established in 2015, Importer and Supplier of IT and ICT products from Hardware to Accessories, Provider of Business Management Solutions, and Security Solutions.
  • MMAL’s Vision is to be Established Regional Leaders in Provision of Effective and Affordable Services in all Constituent areas mentioned above.
  • As a Company we have Divisions Dedicated Specifically to Security Assessment, Sales & Marketing, Technical & Installation, a Support Team (after sales service) and have Agents in several Counties and Countries.
  • We at MMAL – ‘Moto Moto Africa Limited’ are dedicated to providing our customers with total solutions for business, industry, and individuals. Our company philosophy has always been to help our customers solve their problems and to provide them with service before and after every sale.

Customer satisfaction has always been the guidinsg force of our company since it was founded.


MMAL’s Key Goal is SAFE –   Staying Accident-Free Everywhere

–  Make People Feel Safe

–  Managing Physical Safety and Security

–  Provide Solutions for a Safer World

  • Security and Safety is our Mission, not an intermission
  • Achieving the highest level of Threat Prevention and Mitigation

Prevention is Better than Cure


Happy with Customers & Clients

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