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CCTV and Surveilance Systems

Our CCTV cameras can be integrated with infra-red movement sensors, providing an enhanced security solution for your site. Recorded footage can be viewed to see if there is a genuine need for a response or whether it is a false alarm. In the event of an intrusion the footage can be used to identify the perpetrator and for any subsequent criminal proceedings. We will provide you with a user login so you can access your security system at any time. Logins for other key holders can also be provided free of charge.

Biometric Access Control,time & attendance system

Security Systems, Access Control Systems, Biometric Access Control and Time Attendance, Staff and School Biometric Time Attendance and Clocking System..
Our Latest Access control and time attendance systems can be used to define permission using passcodes, Fingerprints, Card etc.. These solutions should meet your security needs at affordable price

Antibalistic / Antitheft , Antiblast Glass security laminates

“Glass is by far the most likely and dangerous element to fragment from blast.” (Dr. John Wyatt United Nation blast consultant for Europe and North Africa) •Glass is the weakest material of a building structure and therefore the most vulnerable to breakage and shattering. •When it fails, as a result of an explosion, ballistic impact or break in, it creates thousands of razor sharp shards driven at hundreds of miles per hour.

Safe Rooms/Glass bunkers

We offer the best underground bunkers, storm shelters and safe-rooms on the market. 100% steel, fabricated by hand and customized to each client's unique specs; our bomb shelters are the BEST on the market. Contact us today and get your free quote.

Intruder Alarm Systems

Motomoto Africa has both standard and GSM intruder Alarm systems that detect movement when a door or window is opened. The sensor then triggers a strobe light or siren, indicating that someone may be trying to break in. Motion detectors can monitor large areas in a house or business premises. In the event of any movement within its range, the device sounds a siren or sends a distress signal to programmed phone numbers for response.

Metal Detectors

leap of quality and unique for the first time globally to the modern scientific reality that lies in the latest and most accurate scientific systems for the detection and exploration of gold,minerals and treasures

X-RAY Baggage scanners

we give the best products according to the European Standards and deliver the best outcomes .check out robust , elegand , high quality x ray baggage scanners

Perimeter Systems

reliable perimeter security , buried sensors for intrusion any land with buried senor fences,an invinsible underground perimeter fense

Under Vehicle Surveilance Systems

UVI , the system generally consists of imaging systems mounted on a roadway and used at facility and used at facility access points.

Automatic Car Parking Systems

(APS) provides parking on cars for on multiple levels stackekd vertically to maximize the number of parking spaces to minimize land usage.Types include shuttle,conveyor,crane systems

Intergrated Fire Safety

Two types of this systems.Manualand Automaticour products are meant to reduce destruction caused by fire .provision of life safety communications systems including fire detection & alarm, voice evacuation systems,mass notification systems , Fire supression systems

Home Automation

Have your home secured,a smart home, using devices with sensors which are connected through a network and manage them from your smartphone whether you are at home or miles away..

Structural networking

Experience the following benefits:
-less downtime
-Greater simplicity
-Save money through efficiency
-Mantain ample Security

Cyber Security

Ensure a safe and seecure cyber space for yourself,our role is to ensure you have maximum built security and confidence in the use of information technology and have cyber hygiene,we improvemyour online security and mitigate potential online breaches

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we provide turnkey intergrated technical solutions for enhancement of safety and security functions

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