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We provider medical supplies and equipments, We have the capability to equip a medical centre, execute a national project, or implement a turnkey project from construction to equipping across the East African Region.

hospital clothings
Examination beds
Surgical supplies

Excellent Medical Services

Emergency Care

Advanced emergency care equipments such as External defibrillators, Chest compressors, Pulse oximeters

Operation & Surgery

both basic and advanced items or tools for surgery and operations eg Blades; Gauzes; Diathermy; Retractors

Outdoor Checkup

This includes First Aid Kits , home Regular Health Checkup , Sports or Fitness Evaluation,Nature-Based Therapy,Environmental Health Assessment

First Aid services

Kits and materials for immediate care in emergencies, preventing further injury or illness. Trained responders administer basic medical assistance until professional help arrives, ensuring swift and effective intervention

Medicine & Pharmacy

essential items to address common health needs such as :
Basic First Aid Supplies
Pain Relief:
Digestive Health:
Medical Tools:
Hygiene Items:

Diagnostic Equipments

stethoscopes for all types of medical specialties such as pediatric, cardiologists, and clinicians.
products of Otoscopes/Ophthalmoscopes and sphygmomanometers for all your diagnostic needs.

Moto Care

Awesome Medical Products and Equipments

Some of our Medical Products

OMRON M3 Blood Pressure Monitor

giving accurate blood pressure measurements in any position around the upper arm Cuff wrap guide and body movement detection indicators help you to avoid common mistakes that can cause inaccurate blood pressure readings The M3 Comfort can be used by two separate users + a guest and stores up to 60 blood pressure readings per user

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The Medisign Blood glucose monitoring system is intended for qualitative measurement of the concentration of glucose in capillary whole blood from fingertip, palm, and forearm by diabetic patients or healthcare professionals as aid in the management of diabetes/p>

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DermLite Dermatoscope DL4

An amazingly smooth, ergonomically optimized all-aluminum design that comfortably molds to your hand, DermLite DL4 puts phenomenal versatility, the largest optics of any pocket-size DermLite, and instant on/off control right at your fingertips.

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