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CCTV and Surveilance systems

consist of cameras, recording devices, and often motion sensors, providing real-time surveillance and aiding in the deterrence and investigation of security incidents."

Biometric access control,time & attendance system

features like fingerprints or facial recognition to enhance security and streamline attendance tracking. These advanced systems provide accurate, efficient, and secure access management, ensuring organizational safety and precise attendance records

Antibalistic/antitheft , antiblast glass security laminates

advanced materials to resist ballistic impact, deter theft, and withstand blasts. These laminates may include polycarbonate layers, tempered glass, and special coatings, providing enhanced protection for buildings and vehicles against various security threats

safe rooms/glass bunkers

Our Glass Bunkers and Safe/Panic rooms provide a high security barrier safe space within the facility under attack to take cover. Equipped with dry foods, water and a washroom, Employees, Shoppers or Clients can take cover for days before help comes. Best for Shopping Malls, Corporate Offices, Hotels, Homes and Vulnerable Public and Private Facilities.

intruder alarm systems

include sensors, keypads, and control panels. Types range from motion detectors and door/window contacts to glass break detectors. These systems deter and alert against unauthorized access, enhancing overall security for residential and commercial spaces

Metal detectors

consist of a control unit and coil that emits a magnetic field. When metal disrupts the field, an alarm triggers. Used in airports and public spaces, they enhance safety by identifying potential security threats eg

X-RAY luggage scanners

X-ray luggage scanners are security devices that use X-rays to inspect the contents of bags for concealed items. Types include:
1. Single-view ScannersBasic models suitable for smaller facilities.
2. Dual-view Scanners Provide multiple angles for improved detection.
3. 3D CT Scanners Utilize computed tomography for detailed imaging, enhancing security in airports and high-security locations.

Perimeter systems

Perimeter security systems safeguard the outer boundaries of properties. They include physical barriers, sensors, and monitoring devices. Types range from traditional fences and walls to modern technology like infrared sensors, video surveillance, and laser detectors. These systems enhance overall security by detecting and preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas.

under vehicle surveilance systems

include fixed or portable undercarriage inspection systems, utilizing cameras and sensors to enhance security measures in areas like border crossings, airports, and high-security facilities

Automatic car parking systems

are mechanized solutions for parking vehicles, maximizing space efficiency. Types include traditional puzzle systems, automated guided vehicles, and robotic systems. They enhance convenience and optimize parking space utilization in crowded urban areas.

Intergrated fire safety

a comprehensive approach that combines various measures to prevent, detect, and respond to fires. Types include fire-resistant construction, early warning systems, suppression systems, evacuation plans, and training, creating a cohesive strategy for minimizing fire risks and enhancing safety

home automation

smart devices to control and automate home functions. Types include smart lighting, thermostats, security systems, and voice-activated assistants, enhancing convenience and efficiency

Structural networking

designing and organizing network elements. Types include client-server, peer-to-peer, and hybrid models, each impacting data flow and system efficiency.

cyber security

safeguards systems from digital threats. Types include network security, antivirus software, encryption, and user education, protecting against cyberattacks and data breaches

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